Hello, I'm Rory.

I'm a technology consultant and trainer based in Edinburgh.

Graduating in 2009, I began my career freelancing as a full-stack developer. I've been self-employed ever since.

I've had the pleasure of working with all kinds of clients including individuals, startups, universities, agencies, and the public sector.

Nothing beats variety! A generalist in nature, I enjoy co-ordinating and learning in the spaces between different disciplines. More than anything, I'm most energised when helping realise early ideas, moving from conception to first production.

I enjoy sharing learning with others. I've spoken at meetups and conferences. I've delivered training on behalf of others, and independently (e.g. developing and running my own Ruby on Rails programming course).

Most recently, I've delivered training to the Irish public sector on the topics of Open Data, Data Publishing, Data Anonymisation, and Visualisation.

Early in 2023, I began producing a series of screencasts and code-walkthroughs on a blog and YouTube channel called 'Creating with Data'. Creating with Data touches on a range of topics including uses of open data, data science, web development, as well as creative and civic uses of technology.

I continue to offer consulting and training on a project basis.

Get in touch

You can email me, or catch me on LinkedIn, Twitter, or GitHub.